Feb. 10, 2021

Womxn on Fire! Say YES to your Anger

Womxn on Fire! Say YES to your Anger

Woo-hoo it's getting hot on the Thrive and Shine Show!

We have lined up some incredible ladies that have a powerful message to share with us all!

Say Yes to Your Anger! 

Join us as we heat up the Live Talk Show with you as our audience member get to ask the Womxn of Fire all of Your burning questions!

Tahsha Renee is a Womxns empowerment expert who also has her AA in Transformational Psychology/Holistic Health.

"I started this program to help womxn embrace their anger and use it to free themselves."

Lauren Searles is a certified Tantric Sex, Love and Relationship Coach who is passionate about empowering women around emotional sovereignty so they can thrive in love. “The anger embrace program is important for me so women know that their Anger is also a source of their Power.”

Jacquelynne Faith is an intuitive counselor with a flare for relationships. Regarding facilitating Womxn on Fire, she says “I fuse my degree in Human Communication with my psychic abilities to make magic from the real and tough. It’s just the kind of alchemical touch that womxn need to not only embrace their anger, but utilize it's power to the fullest potential.”

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Say Yes to Your Anger!

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