Nov. 14, 2020

What the heck is a Enneagram Chart? How does it help me?

What the heck is a Enneagram Chart? How does it help me?

What Are The Enneagram Chart’s Uses?

This isn’t just a personality test, it’s considered a tool of modern psychology. The purpose of the test is to understand yourself, so you can better understand your relationships. The types are used in developing team building and communication within a business. Many people also find a use for the chart at the spiritual level.

How Does Enneagram Define Personality Types?
A chart on Kathy Escobar’s website lists 12 categories to define the personality types. Each category helps decipher why a specific personality type acts the way that they do. Here is a snippet of the categories: basic fear and desire, a hidden complaint, virtue, fixation, deadly sin, saving grace and an unconscious childhood message.

Each personality type is has a number, which connects to a spot on the circle. The numbers are always in the same place because it helps determine wings and centers of that personality.

What Are Centers?

The Enneagram Chart has three centers. Each center holds three personality types whose common trait is that center. The Instinctive Center houses types eight, nine and one. The Feeling Center holds two, three and four. The Thinking Center contains five, six and seven.

What Are The Three Instincts?

The three instincts listed are self-preservation, sexual and social. Everyone has all three instincts, one takes dominance in your personality. The self-preservation instinct has to do with the need to meet resources to be comfortable. Those who are led by the social instinct are adaptive. They make themselves fit into any social situation. Personality types led by sexual instinct thrive with stimulation and close relationships.

Where Can I Find More About Enneagram Charts?

The Enneagram Institute talks about each part of the chart in depth, but it’s not the best place to start. A good beginner’s spot is to contact Karen at

Karen LaFayette, Enneagram Master Educator

* Studied Enneagram for 15 years

* Practiced the Enneagram techniques to regain full vitality after a 27yr long trauma

* Coach for private sessions, group sessions, and businesses with interpersonal office relationships

* Speaker / Guest Educator for Jacksonville State University

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