June 22, 2021

This little secret told in our Podcast could change your life!

This little secret told in our Podcast could change your life!

Join Pineapple Queen and Miss Bright Ideas as we explore the depths of relationships in the dating world and in the work force.
We connect with Linda Denise Relationship Expert as she shares words of wisdom and advise that can help us all!

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Are you tired of online dating? 

Does it feel too hard and too much work? 

How do you meet someone during this time of “social distancing”? If not online, especially right now, what is a good alternative?

Some people seem to lie and then there’s the ghosting! You may think it’s going great and then “poof” they disappear. It’s rude and can seem like your feelings don’t matter?!

Maybe you already gave up – too much hassle, too much work, too much confusion, or too much hurt. 😵‍💫

So if you continue to go through a “start and stop process” of going online (or even trying offline for that matter) without clearly defined goals, a strong mindset, and a specific measurable plan…you are setting yourself up for more of the hassle, more “work”, more confusion, and more hurt.


You can feel more hopeful and even joyful in your dating journey. You can feel powerful and confident during your dating journey to find lasting love.

I agree with with what Antoine de Saint-Exupéry wrote in The Little Prince: A goal without a plan is just a wish. I believe it comes together by giving it wings and a map!

How big and powerful your wings are depends on the quality of your mindset - your belief in yourself and in your dreams. The map is your dating plan with concrete measurable steps.

This is when you can create a relationship that is better than your dreams!

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