June 1, 2021

The reflection Catalyst! Rise up from the abuse and have self love!

The reflection Catalyst! Rise up from the abuse and have self love!

As a Reflection Catalyst I help women around the world to use the abuse they have endured to MOLD them into the POWERFUL SOUL that is their BIRTHRIGHT. With self-reflection, strategy, and guidance you can RECLAIM the Woman in the Mirror.

Today I AM a woman who stands proud to say that I'm a survivor of Abuse; Sexually, Emotionally, and Physically. I have chosen to use this as a way to empower myself and the women of the world to reclaim the powerful soul that is our birthright.

For the past 15 years I have been working to understand the signs of abuse in order to break the repetitive cycle of it in my life.

I created Raise a Glass Coaching to empower women to live a radiant and divine life that allows them to step into their authentic selves and out on the stage of life where love, trust, and commitment are the cornerstones of their lives.

This journey of self-discovery takes place within the Mirror Matrix; a delivery system encompassing 4 key focal points of personal reflection and development; Mundane, Rewired, Free, and Alive.

Mundane | Acknowledge your past, look at where you are now and where you want to go

Rewired | Reconstruct your thinking patterns and associated behaviors

Free | Forgiveness and letting go of emotions that no longer serve you

Alive | Stepping into the "You" you were meant to be

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