Aug. 9, 2020

Sunday Morning Chat with Million Mile Blondie

Sunday Morning Chat with Million Mile Blondie

Good morning to you! I was just being lazy and felt like sharing fun stories of how I overcame fear and became a Flygirl! Grab a cup of Coffee and join me.
 I appreciate all your love and support. 
Much Love,


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Morning. This is million mile Blondie. 
It's Sunday morning Happy Sunday. 
I actually slept in today. And I'm in my cozy, comfortable bed in Dalton, Georgia. 
I just felt like talking. I just felt like sharing just felt like talking and sometimes the when you live alone It is okay to talk to someone. 
So weird. 
Most of my life, I've not lived alone. As a matter of fact, for the last nine years, almost 10 I was a flight attendant and I was based out of Los Angeles. And due to COVID my beloved airline closed down 
oh man who would have thought 
Who would have thought that they were just 
a little airline and they just kind of hold on. I think that they were already struggling before COVID and then COVID came in it just in did it 
as a great pleasure recently of 
spending some time with one of my girlfriends one of my fellow fly girls in Seattle, and it's she 
was talking about how 
it's like she was getting ready. She was all dressed, ready to head to work and she was walking out the door when she got the phone call of 
don't call them 
and how it blindsided her and haven't back in April 
it really did hurt. Roll many of us for a 
looper, I tell ya, we, 
we didn't see that coming. We kept holding on to a hope, holding on to hope that united was going to buy us and there was even rumors that Disney was going to buy us and that we would be doing Disney flights and Disney was going to have their own airline. I mean, oh my gosh, the rumors that were going on were so crazy. And we just, you know, kept holding that faith and this was a job that for me, I always wanted to be a flight attendant and 
it was really awesome to 
to realize that dream because I had babies young. I got married young, and I thought that dream was over. 
And then 
um, a special message from a friend just reignited it. And I remember I was working and living in Vancouver, Washington. Well living in Vancouver, Washington but working at Washington Square Mall, which is a little ways away in Oregon. And on my long commute in the rain and a leaky convertible 
and a bad relationship, 
I would cry all the way to work. And I hated at that time. Every single part I hated. And 
I just remember like 
trying to wipe the window early morning and the fog would be building up on the window on the inside and I would just be crying. And I got to work and I did like my job. It was fun. I worked in an hokku fine jewelry and I love that You know, listening to the Hawaiian music, and just the beautiful jewelry and the people I worked with a girl by the name of Les and she was so awesome. I just loved our conversations just loved them. And her and I have a lot in common. So her 30 year marriage ended by infidelity and my 20 year marriage ended in fidelity, infidelity. And so, you know, we just had girl time in between customers. And we had so many great times there but it almost it almost felt like I was getting paid for therapy. And because in January in the jewelry business, it's super slow, 
just super slow. So 
you know, we as girls, we would just Chitty chat. 
You just Chitty chat. Oh, 
I was gonna do my coffee but I decided to start with my 
I'm doing currently doing Isagenix 
little cleanse. 
Anyways, back to what I was saying. So I'm at work. And it was in January, and it was super slow. And we were just kind of talking and she said to me, I streamed it last night, Monica. I dreamt you were a flight attendant. I'm like, lay, there's no way there's no way. And she said, Yes, yes. You can do this. Yes, I see you doing this? And I'm like, No, I can't do that. I'm, I don't weigh 100 pounds, and I am not 20. And she said, 
I have a friend. that's interested. 60s and she's definitely not skinny. And you're perfect your personalities perfect. You'd be perfect. And I was like 
that, whatever. 
But those words just kind of ringing in my head. 
And I was thinking, 
Oh, I wonder if this has some merit to it. And so I decided to check into it. And I, oh, gosh, 
it was such a crazy story, but 
basically, I was married. Oh, well, 20 years. Yeah. 20 we did celebrate our 20 year anniversary. And I found out about the infidelity and life just started, like, coming down like a house of cards. It was crazy times and I was balancing Being trying to work and take care of my boys and not getting child support. And it was just some, some crazy, crazy, crazy times. And it just seemed like the harder I worked, 
the more money I didn't have. 
And I just needed a change. I needed a change. So I went to the welfare office, and in Vancouver, Washington, I went to the welfare office, and I just thought, I'm going to find out what kind of help they can offer. 
so I went in there, and it's really super nice girl shared with me a new program that they were launching, and she said, if you go back to school, I can offer you this, this this, this, this, this and this and this and this and I was like, What? Oh my gosh, I need to change my life. And so that's exactly what I did. And she told me she said the only thing is the school needs to be accredited. Oh, okay, accredited. And she said, yeah, it doesn't have to as well. I have my associates degree. And she said, Well, 
it doesn't have to be 
like a bachelor's degree. It could be a trade school. And I said, Really? And I said, Give me like an airline school. And she said, possibly, they just need to be accredited. So you guys, I literally, this is how this one down. I literally hopped into my leaky old convertible. 
I drove just like, not even a mile down the streets. I went into the International Air Academy. And I said, I have one question, one question only. 
Now mind you, 
I would go to this I would drive past this international air Academy, like almost every day, and especially younger because I went to school at Clark College. So I see the sign now accepting students, and all about airline industry and I would destroy me every single time mine. I drive past there on the way to college. And I just thought, that's just not for me. I took myself out of the game. Before I even tried. It's too expensive. How would I afford it? I don't look the part. I mean, how crazy is this? You guys, I just didn't even I didn't even give myself a chance. I didn't even try. I didn't even go into the door. So weird. So now I get a second chance. And 
I decide I'm going to go for it. 
And I'm going to walk in the door. So I walk in the door and I said to the girl, you know, I have one question. One question only are You accredited school? 
She said to me, You guys, 
she said, we're the only accredited school for what we do in the nation. 
Oh, am I G? Oh mg, you guys. I just I just felt like it was a sign like it was a sign from God. It was a sign. And I just like my heart to start beating. I just look how sad I'll be right back. Then I got a bag in the car and we were back down there and I found out all I needed to do and so that was on a on a Wednesday. And then you guys by Monday morning 
I was in school. Yes. 
Morning was my hot flashes and all. And it was so funny because I was the oldest person in the classroom. 
And we were issued uniforms, 
and I was hot. And it was like long sleeve and I just smiled every second. And I had a fan when my hot push will happen. I just like fan myself. And I think at the time, let's see, I'm 53 now so I was 43 yeah 4042 when I started yeah 42 when I started my training, and the kids are so nice. I call them kids because most of them were like 1819 2021 and 
here I am. But 
I they were so nice to me. They were my peers for which is so Awesome, and they didn't make me feel old at all, I guess. It was my stuff making me feel old. And it was just crazy. My mental. I did a lot of like a mindset control to not take myself out of the game even after I started going, but it was great. I got grants, I received help with, with clothing, with the uniform with food for my kids with being basically like paid to go to school, and change my life and that Ladies and gentlemen, that changed my life. And I am so happy even though I was sweating a bit a long time since I've been in school. So my brain didn't seem to be retaining as much as it used to when I was younger, but I didn't I was doing it. I was so excited. I just was Just doing it. So the school was four months, four day, it was four months, basically. And I, it was time to apply for a job. And compass Airlines was the very first airline. And the only airline I applied to because compass airlines at the time flew for delta. And I don't know why I just fell in love with them. I thought they were fun, smaller airline. And so I took the chance I applied and flew to Michigan and got the job. And next thing you know, next thing you know, I'm like packing my bags of the life I knew but I'm 42 years old and never really left the area left Tom left the area I went right from being with my parents right to getting married, and having babies and having a photography business. And that was a life I knew I didn't know anything about being a flight attendant and traveling the world. And I mean, I have barely been on a plane, you guys. And I mean, our biggest thing was going to Hawaii once a year for probably like the last five years of our bands where I was in flight attendants on fighting just the whole adventure was just so exciting. 
And so, so funny. 
I remember, I remember going through training, and it was hard you guys it was, you know, we all think Oh, it's so easy, but the past Becoming a flight attendant is challenging. It's very, very, very stressful. Because you're learning about security, you're learning about safety, you're learning, like threats, bomb threats, like how to deal with all these different emergency situations. You're memorizing the duration of the equipment, where it's located on the plane, how to save someone's life, how to, I mean, it's just off the wall crazy, you guys. So 90% of what we do every day on the plane was only about 10% of our training, and that's the service. And that's just smiley, the customer service. But the 90% of what we learned was saving your life, what to do in emergency and how to remain calm and how to handle turbulence and how to handle crazy passengers. And medical emergencies. And that's a 90% of the training. And it's hard you guys is very hard and stressful. So you know, a flight attendant, I want you to, first of all, say thank you. Every time you fly like you say thank you and bring them a bag of candy, or donuts or coffee or something, just to say a little note, and just say, I appreciate you. Thank you for being here. Because one day you could save my booty. One day, you could save my booty. So remember that you guys. But anyways, so it's hard, and you cannot you have to score like I think it was a 90% you can't fail more than one test. It was hard. And I passed a course I passed and I mean Wow. hypostases just know It was such a beautiful moment. It really was. It was just it makes me want to tear up right now just thinking about it. And you know how I had changed my life. I took a message from a friend. And I took action. I took action, and on a dream that I had from that dream was like dormant for 40 some years and then all of a sudden, like, a message, boom, action. Boom, here I am. 
Yeah, you guys so crazy. Crazy. 
So it's graduation time. 
I felt scared afterwards. I feel like oh my gosh, I've never I never lived outside of Vancouver, Washington. I've never been alone. And that's it this morning. It was just like quiet. No live alone. And it was just, it just triggered that memory. It was so funny. But so I remember calling my parents and I remember saying to me was this 40 year old woman calling, calling her parents and saying 
the area 
and then my mom and dad, they travel full time. And can you swing by Michigan? And you knew what they did? They did and Oh gosh, I remember them picking me up at the airport. And I was just never so happy to see them. So excited to see family 
and familiarity and just feel safe and secure in this crazy new world and the crazy new world. So they picked me up and I think I slept like the first Three days, just like, We're so happy, and they live in a big, beautiful fifth wheel. And they've been traveling for the last 10 years. And I'm so excited to see them so excited. And I remember, I remember mom saying, I'm Honey, do you know where you want to live? And I'm like, there's something I called a crash pad mom. I don't know what that is. But I'll you know, I'll figure it out in a few days. And she's like, okay, few more days went by. She's like, um, honey. Oh my gosh, I just, I've scared you guys. I'm scared. And so, finally she said, Well, your father and I are ready to, you know, head over yonder. And I had to get back to work. And so they literally dropped me off at this hotel, and I was so scared. Uh oh. And it was it was like a fancy hotel it was it was kind of like a dive hotel you guys are in my mind. It was kind of a dive hotel. And I remember just cheerlead all these I get into the hotel and I take a shower and my house like boo, boo, boo, boo, boo boo. It's speeding like crazy. And I just hear noises and people that I'm like deadbolts in the door. Now all my worldly possessions have luggage with me and I was just so scared. Mom called and checked on me. How are you doing? Like fine, I'm doing fine. She's like, You don't sound fine, like apply. And I remember just like praying and crying myself to sleep at night, but I just wanted to push through the fear but that's how scared I was. So I paid for the hotel for like a week I think and it was a really great moment. management staff actually, I think they held my luggage. Yeah, they held me luggage so I didn't have to pay for each night. And so I went on my very first trip. It was crazy. So it was a five day trip. And I was with this crew. And this girl's name is Lynette. And what happened was crazy, somehow, someway. I went to bring my luggage back from Vancouver, Washington, my luggage got lost. And my wallet was in my luggage. You guys, I cannot even believe it. I don't even know how I did this. But it was probably just out of all my fear and my anxiety and everything that was going on. And so I went to Start my trip. My very first trip and it was it was going to be a New York trip. 
And I had never been to New York never, 
never never never had been to New York and I was so scared and so excited and like my uniform is all brand new, crisp have never even like I passed my Isley past everything. This is my first trip as a flight attendant. And oh my gosh, you guys is just I can't even tell you I went from being scared, scared, scared, scared to death to just like off the charts. Excited. Like, can you contain myself excited when crew scheduling called me and said you are going to be going to New York. I was like ecstatic, ecstatic. Nik, it was so crazy. So I want to tell you all about this trip. But that is another podcast. Because there's just so many great moments and experiences on that first trip that I really want to give you some great detail and just just enjoy this story and just relish the story. And I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for following million mile Blondie. It's gonna be an interesting journey. And I just, I just want this to organically flow. And sometimes we'll have interviews with virtual coffee chat I I host something called Virtual coffee chats, Monday through Friday. And it's at 130 Eastern, and it's a networking group of amazing women and we supported Other we are accountability partners. We cry, we celebrate, we laugh, we learn. It's such a great tight group. And I invite you to be part of it. You don't have to own a business to be a part of it. You could just to show up, just show up and be our friend and network together and help support other amazing women. And you can find information about how to connect with me. You'll see the supporter link. I think it says for a cup of coffee, buy me a cup of coffee, hey, well, you're gonna learn about my membership club. You're gonna learn about virtual coffee chats, and some other little great opportunities that that I'm offering and I so appreciate your support and love in advance. I really do. The transition has been really tough transitioning from being a flight attendant in Los Angeles to pursuing my next bucket list love and that is coaching, helping and supporting women. And I appreciate any and all of your love and support and you'll see the supporter tab down at the bottom of the podcast. And you guys any, any amount is appreciated. 
I do really appreciate you. 
So, the show is going to be really organic. Sometimes it's going to be really structured and I'll have I'll be with the girls and we'll be interviewing guests and sometimes it's going to be like Sunday morning. It's going to just be groggy voice, drinking a cup of coffee laying in bed. just sharing stories. And sometimes it might be a shot of tequila. laughing and, and sharing stories. I really, really love sharing with you. I love it. And, you know, I was thinking about why do I love it so much? Because I'm a new podcaster I think this is my ninth or 10th podcast, I've lost track. But you know, it's getting into the rhythm of it. It's getting into finding my voice and, and not worrying about judgment. Now, you know, again, it's like stepping through fear, right? Because there's fear about what people think what if I say the wrong thing? What is this? What is that and is pushing through another fear? And I've been accepted on some major channels, like Spotify and iTunes and Alexa I Heart Radio. How cool is that. And now, I just launched the Buy me coffee program, which is a beautiful program that allows you the listener to support me and it's such a beautiful thing. It really is like, I just it's a whole new world. It's a whole new world and together we're stepping into it and I'm taking me on the journey with me because I'm sure I'll get better and better I'll get better microphone filter, you know, into that. I just want to be organically me. I just want to be me. Just be silly, fun, engaging me and I'm so happy you're here and you're listening and subscribing and sharing my podcast and all I'll be sprinkling some really fun life lessons. Some Silly moments and what I call pineapple tidbits because my coaching program is, is called Pinnacle queens. So I do also coach men. 
I coach men privately 
and women privately end in a group setting. So I'll be talking about all that. I don't want to get into business stuff on a Sunday morning. 
No, we're talking about fun stuff. 
So bear with me. And I'm so happy that we have this Sunday morning. I'm going to be grabbing my cup of coffee and starting my day. Thank you for being with me today. I will continue my crazy story. Make sure that you tune in 
all we follow up and you follow me. Have an amazing, amazing, amazing Sunday everyone. 
Bye for now. Love you all from a million mile Blondie.