March 16, 2021

Soodabeh Mokry You are not bound by any circumstances!

Soodabeh Mokry You are not bound by any circumstances!

“You are not bound by any circumstances. You are capable of manifesting and creating the life you want. You own the power to create your destiny!” 

Come sit with us to learn from the dynamic author of “Angel Nightingale” and “Emerging You”. Our featured guest is a Motivational Speaker, a Holistic Wellness Practitioner, & Alternative Health Coach:

 Soodabeh Mokry 

She believes we ALREADY have the power to create the life we desire and truly deserve. Through overcoming her extreme life challenges, Soodabeh discovered the amazing power of the human spirit. (Read below to see more if her story about the suffering of persecution & volcanic family struggles that shaped her journey from Iranian refugee to master.)

Being a certified hypnotherapist has allowed her to focus on her passion to educate people, and change their lives with incredible results for patients suffering from heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, anxiety, and chronic pain. 

Supported by her 30 years of medical experience and the data behind both Western medicine and alternative wellness techniques, Soodabeh empowers people by providing the step- by- step tools to achieve their goals. Using hypnotherapy, she can target the areas in the subconscious mind to change what has prevented someone from achieving their goals of living a full, healthy life.

Soodabeh experienced many challenges living in Iran. She lost her father to a sudden heart attack at age thirteen. She was a victim of the Iranian government brutality; she was captured, tortured, and beaten into a coma at the age of nineteen.

She endured eight years of war and the death of her younger brother in a sudden car accident two months prior to leaving Iran. When she arrived in America, her marriage of ten years ended unexpectedly. She was left alone in a new, foreign country with two young children with no money, no family or friends, and didn't even speak English.

Her journey has been one of hardship, courage, inner strength, and learning the path of divine wisdom through healing deep wounds. She now is thriving!

Soodabeh dedicated her life to help others to do the same. Seeing her patients suffer has always caused Soodabeh to think of ways to help them to prevent these conditions. Soodabeh is very passionate about helping people live healthy and happy lives. Her new book describes her journey, her method of healing, and how her perseverance & ultimately the discovery of divine love can serve YOU with tools to overcome any circumstance or challenge.

Soodabeh declares that we are each BORN with the power, passion, and determination to experience a harmonious and fulfilled life. Sometimes our challenges seem to prevent us from reaching our full potential. Limited thoughts and beliefs that we learn from our parents and communities may encourage us give up and settle for less. Her personal story of faith, courage, and overcoming adversity, inspires people to move beyond our limitations to create lives they desire. 

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