May 11, 2021

Recognizing and Attracting Your Twin Flame!!

Recognizing and Attracting Your Twin Flame!!


Elle Hari is a #1 International Bestselling Author and Twin Flame & Ascension Expert. 

She helps people overcome fear, pain and self-sabotaging limitations, in order to guide them toward their true nature of bliss and perpetual happiness. 

After experiencing her own twin flame journey, Elle left her career as a lawyer to help others navigate their own paths toward ascension.  Now as the founder and CEO of Elle Hari Universal LLC and creator of the Be With Your Twin Flame® and Mastery of Ascension Alchemy™ brands, Elle helps her students learn to unconditionally love themselves and manifest their greatest dreams. Her mission is driven by a passion to expand people’s awareness of the truth of the twin flame journey and assist humanity’s spiritual ascension on the global scale.  

Elle has written 4 bestselling books, including: 

“Twin Flames Exposed”, 

“Love Exposed”, 

“Yes, I Can!” and 

“Savvy Spirituality – The Sophisticated, Fun & Fabulous Person’s Ultimate Guide to Everlasting Happiness”.  

She has recently been named to the prestigious Brainz Global 500 List for 2020 alongside Vice-President Kamala Harris and Elon Musk and the Top 10 Powerful Women in 2021 on Yahoo! Finance alongside Oprah Winfrey. For her expertise, Elle has been featured in Nicki Swift, MEAWW, Elephant Journal, and more.





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