Jan. 30, 2021

Pull Back Your Power

Pull Back Your Power

"Pull Back your power" 

Dr Anne Whitehouse is the bestselling author ‘Pull Back Your Power’, a PhD scientist turned Female Power Alchemist, and a subconscious transformation expert.  After her own spectacular burnout in the boys’ club world of university engineering, she uncovered the hidden roots that sabotage high-achieving women, and devised a game-changing solution.    Her mission is now to enable visionary women to level the energetic playing field, break through success limits, income ceilings, visibility blocks, and fulfil their dreams in the world - all without changing their character, or having to sacrifice their feminine energy. 

Why does the world need to hear my message?

There has never been a more important time for women to step into their true greatness and leadership. However, so often we struggle with feeling not good enough, and feel blocked when it comes to expanding our visibility in the world - this leads to stress, burnout, imposter syndrome, and holding back instead of shining and succeeding.  Why? Because the world is still subtly programmed against us.   I’ve spent 20 years developing the system to free women from this sabotage so they can have the success and keep their wellbeing, and it’s knowledge that can help so many women - we deserve to have a level energetic playing field for success.  This is my mission!


Listeners will come away understanding that when they feel ’not good enough’ or like a ‘fraud’ or struggling with being so visible, that there is nothing wrong with them.  This is actually a sign of how amazing they truly are, and proof that they are more than good enough.

They’ll also have a way of quickly shifting their subconscious response when they feel these things, by literally 'pulling back their power’, magnifying their confidence whenever they need to.

We will be featuring Dr Anne's book in our book club starting in 6 weeks. Get your books here https://www.amazon.com/Pull-Back-Your.../dp/1781334102/

Connect with Dr Anne Whitehouse here feminineconfidence.com

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