March 19, 2021

Nicola Irvine, Empower me!

Nicola Irvine, Empower me!

A Mother, an Author, a Mentor, a Motivational Speaker.
Nicola was educated at the University of Otago, New Zealand as an Accountant.  She has lived for nearly three decades in Indonesia, Hong Kong & USA. And now Scotland.

When her son, Thomas contracted bacterial meningitis leaving him with lifelong challenges, Nicola's life took on a whole new meaning, that of a mother to a boy with life changing, lifelong challenges.  

Being an adventurous soul, she searched the world to ‘fix’ her son and in doing so learned and studied many techniques and teachings. She now sees her experiences as priceless gifts, making a difference, not only for herself and her son but many others. As a result, she founded the “Empowering Me” Programs. 

Familiar with service and working pro-bono, Nicola co-founded 'The White Rose Family Foundation' WRFF, a registered Hong Kong charity that worked effortlessly to integrate children with mental and physical challenges into the community. For 7 years WRFF successfully funded various developmental courses and after school activities. She has served on many School boards in various roles during her time in Hong Kong.

Nicola has two published books “Trust Life’s Journey” and “Communication His Way”. She is completing her third. She is inspired by sharing her journey with others through motivational speaking. She is a regular guest on special needs parenting and emotional support and resilience podcasts. 

She currently lives in Scotland with her husband, with their 4 adult children at either side of the globe. 

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