Oct. 17, 2020

Mindfulness in the Now

Mindfulness in the Now

Today we had the great pleasure of interviewing, Maggie Calder

Maggie Calder's eclectic business wisdom enriched during her time with Eckhart Tolle
as his personal assistant and coordinator. This manifested her living in the Now
teaching, call Being Mindful. She owned two retreat centers in USA and Canada guiding
her on a 20-year pilgrimage to India, Bali and Cambodia.
She was consultant for Mooji, later resting at the prestige’s jungle temple in Northern
Thailand, as a nun-monk under Master Bhasakorn. After her near death experience, in
2018 Maggie moved to BC Canada. She was the opening speaker for Carolyn Myss
and Jason Silva. Today, Maggie continues to inspire many in discover their own

Maggie Calder


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