April 30, 2021

Match Making and Coaching Equals Dynamic Magic!

Match Making and Coaching Equals Dynamic Magic!

Holly Fitzherbert McCusker is going to share with myself and the Pineapple Queen, 

Holly is a self-proclaimed, but reformed, “external validation junkie.” 

Holly grew up seeking the praises of others through her work as an educator and professional matchmaker. Whether it was attaching herself to her students’ successes or the numerous marriages she created at Tawkify, Holly chased the praises of others UNTIL through deep commitment working with her own coach she learned the importance of self-love. 

In doing the soul work to discover who she was before the world labeled her who she should be and uncovering her limiting beliefs, self-inflicted emotional wounds, and hurtful messages Holly found there was a lost girl who needed lifting. She made a pact to no longer gauge her self-worth on external factors and she decided to invest in uncovering the layers that had buried her worthiness.  On the other side of her finding her true self she became a coach. 

When the love within began to emerge, she gave up seeking validation from others, and she learned to trust herself.

As a VIP Professional Matchmaker at Tawkify and self-love coach at


Holly works with her clients to peel back the labels they inherited over time to discover who they are at their core. Once these labels are removed, people can work on building self-love and self-trust, and invest in self-care rituals. She coaches her matchmaking clients to recognize the values they desire most in a partner and ensures they are ready to come to a partnership as a confident person, complete in themselves.  While Holly has found a great deal of success in these two roles and appreciates the accolades that accompany them, the strongest validation now comes from self-love and personal acceptance. 

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