June 4, 2021

Learn about some of the best water in the world! Heal from the inside out.

Learn about some of the best water in the world! Heal from the inside out.

Today we learned about the benefits of the awesome water!

Heal your body naturally with great water. 

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Is your skin wrinkled like a raisin or plump like a pear?

TODAY -  on the THRIVE and SHINE Podcast at

the Pinapple Queen & I are continuing with the theme of Self Love as we learn about caring for our body with TRUE hydration.

We all know we should drink water right??

BUT - do you know that there is water that is bad for your body?

Did you know that with the appropriate water you can actually become more intuitive?

When we become dehydrated our cells begin to shrivel up. This is a major factor of accelerated aging including a disconnection of your internal communication system. Factor in the increased air and water pollution and it means our body is a literal war zone!

Between the environmental toxins, our busy lifestyles and daily stressors our bodies could use all of the support with hydration, detoxification and cell to cell communication they can get. The type of nutrition and especially the BEST WATER it is given is essential to how well it functions.

Catch up with us on the podcast to find out how oxygenated water supports your body and mind.

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