Jan. 30, 2021

Join us as we learn tips for how to embrace our highest and best self

Join us as we learn tips for how to embrace our highest and best self

 The THRIVE and SHINE Podcast With The Pineapple Queen and Miss Bright Ideas! 

Join us as we learn tips for how to embrace our highest and best self and take the FASTEST steps to live powerfully NOW with Ania Dabrowska!

Ania is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and a mindset coach that focuses on helping entrepreneurs remove self-limiting beliefs. 

She also helps people efficiently to let go of programs and patterns that keep them away from reaching their financial goals. Her main focus is to help people with the feelings of fear and uncertainty around finances so that they can feel at peace and experience uninterrupted concentration. 

Ania has developed a method called DSR (Direct Subconscious Releasing) that has been key in recognizing the root cause to having aversions to wealth. Part of her method includes releasing negative thought patterns associated with negative self talk and neutralizing resistance to beliefs associated with abundance. 

Her main objective is to help entrepreneurs get to the root cause of their limiting beliefs, which predominantly goes back as far as their childhood memories.

Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, she helps people reframe limiting beliefs that can linger all life long if they are not dealt with. By addressing the root cause with proven tools and methods, she helps entrepreneurs neutralize outdated programs and beliefs so that they can feel at ease around their finances and grow their businesses rapidly.

Connect with Ania here http://facebook.com/groups/7figmindset

Connect with Pineapple Queen here https://campsite.bio/millionmileblondie

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