Oct. 6, 2020

Interview with Matt Arete! A young hip version of "Hitch"

Interview with Matt Arete! A young hip version of "Hitch"

What a great pleasure to interview this young man, Matt Arete! He shared with us how he over came weight struggles and how he used his super powers to change his life! I highly recommend his book for all ages men and women but especially helpful for the young man in his 20's.  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. 

Matt's words...
 I’ve been where you are. Full of self-doubt, overweight, unconfident, and afraid. But I guarantee you that there is a better you and a better life closer than you think. One day I had enough. I lost the 50 pounds, I learned confidence, I wrote a book, became an award winning speaker, and became the best version of myself. I did all of this by realizing that everything I ever needed to be successful was on the inside of me and undoing all of the damage that life had done to me. And I guarantee you that the person you see on the inside of your mind and heart, that version of you that you’re afraid to be, it’s possible to become. And the life that you dream of having is so much more possible and is so much closer than you think. It’s my life’s purpose to help people discover their real selves and become the best version of themselves. 

Get a copy of his latest book here https://sirmatthewanthony.wixsite.com/secretsofanalpha/secrets-of-an-alpha

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