Aug. 14, 2020

I Manifested it!

I Manifested it!

Million Mile Blondie hosts Virtual Coffee Chat. I share how I manifested A Master Coaching class I paid for back in 2015 to become a CERTIFIED DREAM COACH (c) with Marcia Wieder! I since learned that as part of my training I can take 5 blessed student's on the journey with me at $1,000 off pre certification price! Click here to find out more! to learn more about Marcia Wieder click here
This is an awesome story along with one of the girls, Kimberly West manifesting Money and healing her relationship with her Mom.

Great session!
Can't wait to hear your powerful Manifestation stories!

PS Update I only have 2 spots left on the Dream Master class. 
students to work with me as I am becoming a Certified Dream Coach (c)  This is a HUGE gift of 12 weeks of Coaching, Ebooks, Manifestations and Energy Clearings saving $1,500 off. Click here to reserve your spot!

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