March 26, 2021

Girl, Don't treat your date like a business meeting!

Girl, Don't treat your date like a business meeting!


Our guest Avisha Soheili, a relationship coach, will share on “Identity & Dating After Divorce.” 

Avisha  came to the US at age 15, leaving behind everyone and everything she knew  in Iran while an active war was infiltrating her country. Joining high school in the US without knowing a word of English had her face challenging times as a young foreigner.  

At age 20 Avisha found herself in a physically and mentally abusive marriage and became isolated from the outside world.  Her husband used manipulative tactics to keep her helpless each time she built up courage to leave the marriage. As a mother with no money, no car, no home and barely a child support to speak of ($350/month) she became an independent woman and returned to the life of being a student in order to become a dental hygienist.  The next decade was spent full of dating and relationship mishaps after her divorce while Avisha focused on survival and in that time she found herself. 

Living courageously through years of discovery Avisha awoke to her passion and returned to school once more to became certified as a life coach and transition into a relationship coach. She knew her desire to help divorced women pick up the pieces and truly identify their own self all over again in order to powerfully start a new life and to find their ideal relationship was the calling she to fulfill. She found her love and strengths in coaching for empowerment and possibilities for women.

This is going to be a podcast a bit like trivia because we’ll learn what’s true and what’s false about rebuilding after losing yourself.

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