April 29, 2021

“GATEKEEPERS TO LEARNING: Developing the ability to learn, play and grow"

“GATEKEEPERS TO LEARNING: Developing the ability to learn, play and grow"

Katrina Mallon a Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) Consultant, currently studying in supervision will be our guest to share about creating a way to connect that is filled with love & personal empowerment. 

Families with kids coping with a life of dancing on the Autism Spectrum work with Kat to develop the naturally occurring guiding relationship between a parent and a child, which Kat has found ACTUALLY applies to everyone. 

Because RDI is based on the development of a working relationship, understanding this method of learning together can help with business, social, and partnered connections in our lives also. 

Kat has worked with children in a number of capacities over the past decade ranging in positions from kid camp leader to Special Olympic Figure skating coach to Therapy Assistant (OTA, SLPA, and PTA certified). She’s worked with hundreds of adults to develop communication, leadership and coping skills as they enrich their family’s lives together. She declares that finding RDI was the missing piece to bring all her talents and joy together to serve people best.  

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Katrina Mallon here https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=Katrina%20Mallon

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