Jan. 15, 2021

Finding Victory over Fear with Confidence in the Unknown!

Finding Victory over Fear with Confidence in the Unknown!

Join myself and Monica McKenna in welcoming a Daoist business coach who THRIVES in a life of JOY & COMMUNITY! Matthew will be sharing with us several principles that can teach us how to live more powerfully in our choices DAILY to ‘Get more and more wealthy by DOING less and less.’

Matthew Learning is a wealth-minded therapist with a specialty in transformational work & trauma .

His mission is to serve others by bringing them closer to inner-peace within themselves while enjoying the natural luxuries of experience that life gives us all every single day. 

Spending time with Matthew awakens a part of you to the inner quiet everyone deserves to find for yourself.

He has a heart for music and martial arts. Matthew has a knack for bringing spirituality and presence into a person’s life through the act of deep listening and loving kindness in his coaching.
You can connect with Matthew Learning here http://www.matthewlearning.com
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