Aug. 11, 2020

Dream, Marcia Wieder review of chapter 3 Remember your Purpose

Dream, Marcia Wieder review of chapter 3 Remember your Purpose

Host Million Mile Blondie explores chapter 3 of Marcia Wieder's book, Dream.
We deep dive into finding your purpose and we learn there are 5 ways to discover your purpose.
1. Look into your past
2. Go on a passion quest
3. Return to your wound
4. Imagine your Tombstone
5. Direct Access
Tune in as we discuss Finding your purpose
This book has touched my life in many ways.  I am happy to share some Pineapple Tidbits of how it has empowered me and the ladies in Virtual Coffee Chat.
Thank you for your support and love.

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Hello everyone, this is million mile Blondie I am hosting virtual coffee chat today. It's a group of amazing women, where we all come together we network and we have great friendships and together we rise and lift each other up. So happy to be hosting today and let's make the introductions of the ladies. Kimberly, you want to start? 
Sure. Hi, I'm Kimberly West and I am the CEO of kW International, which is a company where they I make products with essential oils and I also help people get their branding by using my products with their label. Oh, 
yes and I oh I do have I was gonna share with you. I do have my jar today is absolutely amazing stuff. Kimberly created for me. A body butter that Is pineapple coconut and lime and let me tell you how it smells. It's literally smells like a tropical vacation. I love it and so I will be adding that to my website to sell I have this created this fun little sticker to put on the top called pineapple queens and so I'll be working on getting the other stuff all together. So if anyone needs private labeling with their own sense, Kimberly is your girl Kimberly is your girl. And Stephanie, welcome to virtual coffee chat. 
Thank you, thank you, um, if anybody wants to hang out and have fun with me, I have some great dance classes all during the weekend on the weekend. So we got Zumba in the house and we got belly dancing in the house. So Stephanie mackowski Canaan you're fun dance, Miss Shane. Whoo. Stephanie. Yes. love it love it. And are those links on virtual coffee chat? Is that where we can find your links for the dances? Or do you have a certain website? We should go to or anything? 
Um, well, I do have to dance meetups uh 
yeah what belly dance zoom? I'll definitely have there are links in the chat but yeah, great okay and, and we do invite women to join us in virtual coffee chat. It is Sorry guys. It is for women only. I do private coaching with men and women but our group is for ladies only. Alright, Leonora Are you able to chat with us a few minutes. Are you available? 
I will try having internet problems. Okay. 
We can hear you Hello. My name is Laura. Okay, I assist horses, people and pets and lifting bring their best life by sharing tools that support their body's own miraculous healing abilities in the form of a patch. Yes, yay. And I love the patches. The patches are absolutely amazing. I was I would like to do a series of patching protocol, I believe it would help a lot, a lot. A lot of people with pain relief. So something that I've been learning about this morning, so look forward to coaching and helping with that. That'd be really fun. So welcome, Lin Nora. All right. Well, ladies I wanted to share with you I took a class. It's probably been about a good five or six years ago, and it was with a lady by the name of Marcia wieder and I purchased this book from her. It's called dream. Clarify and create what you want. And I keep the sound on my coffee table. It's a it's really great. First of all has great energy to the book. And I don't know if you girls have ever experienced that but when you have positive words and positive vibes and things that are important to you or meant a lot to you just by looking over at it, it has contains the great energy of it. And as I was thinking about what did I want to share on virtual coffee chat today, it just inspired me and maybe girls would open, be open to this. I'd love to share a little bit of it with the girls and and see if it touches your heart the way it touched mine. So on the Yeah, on the cover, it says martius right. You have to be able to identify what you really love and really want before you can get it. Oprah Winfrey. I'll read some of the other things on here if you are really ready Results. You've come to the right place. I totally respect Marsha's work. David Bach, Marcia wieder is a leading expert on visionary thinking and execution. And I've turned to her often to inspire me and my clients dream is filled with her most valuable wisdom and insight. Marcy shim off. Dream is an insight and inspiring guide to living life to the fullest. Marcia inspires and delivers practical tools to help you accomplish real results. JOHN gray here is the map filled with Wit and Wisdom for following your heart. Home to your dreams. I really like that one Paulo. Cool, cool Whole New York Times bestselling author. Oh, the alchemist. I heard that was really good book too. Alright, so one of the things that really stuck into my mind as I was reading the book, was this chapter on discovering your purpose. So five ways to discover your purpose, you may be wondering how to determine your purpose. Don't worry, you don't have to do it all at once and certainly not for all the time. Life ebbs and flows and your purpose may modify accordingly over time. In this chapter, I'll share five techniques for discovering or remembering your life purpose. Number one, look into your past. 
One place to look for what turns you on is to see what has turned you on in the past your passionate memories, maybe of graduating from college, meeting a spouse, or getting a big raise. This may include a special trip you took a speech you gave having a baby, running a marathon, or accomplishing an important goal. If you can't find at least three memories of passion, and I promise you you've had at least 33 maybe 330 Are you are being too hard on yourself and setting your sights too high, memorable moments come in all sizes. It doesn't even matter if you harbor negative reactions about them because anger and frustration can be mighty motivators. When you look back now, were you excited? Did you feel good? If you answered yes to these questions, then write the memory down on a fresh page. list three times in your life from the day you were born to the moment you felt excited and passionate. Look for three special moments about which you can say I did that. It felt good. Write them down simply and quickly. As you write the first one, the other two will come. When you have three, take a deep breath, relax, the hard part is over. Now look for the patterns the common theme about those memories. What was present for you in all three examples, what were you passionate about? Is anybody willing to share one of their moments about how they when they felt really good in their life? 
I can, okay, great. 
I know that my heart smiles the most when I hear my customers tell me about how this is, you know, like, the anxiety that they have is no longer because they put their, you know, their happy oil on and then they go out to the store and they don't have the issue or, you know, like me. But when I hear these stories of how people don't get eaten by mosquitoes, or, or you know, like they can smell better because they have chapstick is really amazing. It's not affecting their body in a bad way. So those things make my heart grow just knowing that I made a product that helps many people. 
Wonderful. Does anybody else want to share a time or moment that felt really good in their past. 
Anyone? Okay. 
All right. 
So once you have them, oh, Jade, did you want to 
share I was I was just going to say when I gave birth to my first child. I really felt that was like an amazing time in my life. You know, you're young and you're not sure what's going on, but I just felt like that was a time when I was just so. So so very excited. And being a new parent. 
Yes. You know, that's a beautiful moment, right? I know. That's one that sticks out in my mind as well. Just the moment of I created this. This is, this is from me. It's absolutely amazing moment. Can you find another another time that really would stick out and what we're looking for is commonality between them. I can think of a time that I'd love to share where I will I think I was 17 and 17 or 18. And I bought my first brand new car. And it was a Honda. And I was so excited about this car. And I went to pick it up at the dealership, and it had a giant bow on it. And they made it so special about going and picking up the car. And when I went to write the check back, then we wrote the checks. When I went to write the check, the guy looked at me and he said, I said, Oh my gosh, this is like one of the biggest checks I've ever written. And I don't remember what it was for the deposit or the down payment. And I said, Oh my gosh, I'm nervous. And he goes, Well, I have a feeling that you're going to be writing a lot bigger checks in your life, and it just made me feel really good that you know, I felt powerful. I felt strong. I felt confident that I worked really hard for it and I achieved it and Didn't need to have a cosigner and so that moment really stands out in in my mind of just the feeling that I had and so I'm just like close my eyes and be like right there in that moment and, and also giving birth giving birth I'm no comparison that takes the cake definitely takes the cake. 
All right. 
If you think at first that there's nothing consistent about the list of events, bring your mind back to the time and place of the situation. Get in touch with what you were feeling then about the events and about yourself. Avoid narrowing things down try to stay with a broad qualities perhaps all the items listed were fun. Maybe they all had a partnership component or they all made you feel uneasy at first, but you took a risk and you did them anyways. Perhaps the accomplishments all went beyond what you thought was possible or they lead to other things that you hadn't even been Considered, maybe there was a quality of surprise connected to them. Or there were things you made happen against all odds. The broader the common thread, the better. What you're looking for is the consistency of how you felt in each case, who you were not what was happening externally. For example, if you wrote down three sports examples, the commonality is not just sports or even a particular sport. Ask yourself what exactly was the common thread of passion? Were you passionate about playing, winning, competing or being part of the team? These are very different responses and will take you in very different directions. The acid test is whether or not the consistent element or elements in your memory and passion were something about what she felt excited. However, don't be concerned if passion seems to elude you at first. Some people feel passion about their purpose. Soon as they define it, others might might not be sure if the stated purpose is something that truly excites them. You may not experience passion until you're in action, someone else may be turned on by the planning of the process. If you're having difficulty finding the common thread in all three accomplishments, but you were excited by two of them, you're probably on the right track. Don't worry about trying to turn these memories into a purpose just yet. Right now you're just looking for clues. Once I've shared all the five ways you might find these clues. We'll talk about how to craft a purpose statement that captures your passion and fires your imagination. So that first part seems pretty easy, right? So we're just going to take three of our most memorable experiences, write them down, and back up take a broader perspective. Have it and see what was the emotion around the event. So Jade what were some of the emotions that you were having with birth? 
Besides the pain, Joy afterwards, it was joy that Oh wow, I could do you know I did this. You know I really did this. This is something that I didn't really think that I could do, especially naturally I did this. Wow, empowered, I felt strong. I really felt good. 
Wow, naturally hats off to you. 
Oh, that's great. Okay. Number two, go on a passion quest. A passion quest is a wonderful way to look in your present for your purpose. As human beings we are consistently growing and changing and sometimes the things about which we were passionate about is no longer the same. If you're having difficulty discovering your purpose through memories or past Passion. Try taking yourself on a passion quest to discover who you are now, including what you love, what you longed for and what no longer works for you. A passion quest could take a day, a weekend, a week or a year. You don't have to put the rest of your life on hold. The idea is simply to choose a period of time, during which you will pay particular attention to what lights you up. Then follow those threads and see where they lead you. Look for what matters to you, what moves you even what frustrates or angers you, and then follow it. That's why it's called a quest. Start to do the little things in life you love. If you love to cook, take a class or have a small dinner party. If you love adventure, but time or money or both won't allow you a major vacation, consider a day hike or weekend trip. Do the things you love but make them part of the research phase of a project. I called finding my purpose. When I am in passion quest mode, I pay extra attention to how life affects me. What makes me laugh or cry and what upsets or excites me. I noticed what I'm drawn to even the movies I'm watching for the period of time, for that period of time, explore life, using passion as a barometer for deciding what you will and won't do. When choice is an option. Whether you're doing something work related or personal notice what excites you. And what drains you. Oh, let me let 
me let her I think Stephanie here came in at one time, too, but then she left. 
Yeah, and she might be having computer problems here a little bit. All right, London. I ain't there. Oh, did I lose her? 
I don't see here. Oh, there she is. Yay. Welcome Landon. All right, whether whether you're doing something work related or personal notice what excites you, versus what drains you. reignite your passion by simply doing more of what you love. Do remember when you were a kid, playing a game in which you got closer to the thing you were seeking people say, warmer, hotter, colder, lukewarm, cold, colder, freezing. It's kind of like that on a passion quest. You move towards what lights you up and what gives you energy and vitality and you move away from the things that deaden you tire you or drain you. It was a passion quest that led me to a new life and the path I'm on now. Many years ago, I hit a point where I was unwilling to continue to schedule my life into 30 minute meetings and meals. decided to close my marketing company I vowed to find more meaningful work and set out on a passion quest driving home one evening I heard a radio commercial for a Make A Wish Foundation and something inside of me went zing. Because I was on a passion quest I followed the feeling warm, warmer, hot to voluntary meeting. I still remember it vividly. The room was small with an exposed light bulb hanging low over a round wooden table with paint peeling off the walls. It was a nonprofit land. Yet the work being done in the room was priceless. at that table. Five of us brainstorm how we were going to raise money to send a young boy to Disneyland and get another puppy. After the meeting and I got in the car, put the keys in the ignition and began to sob. I was so inspired by who these people were and the good work they were doing. I knew at some level, this was my calling. Little did I realize it but the day was the beginning of life dedicated to helping people achieve their dreams. When you're on a passion quest, you put your antenna up and pay attention to what you really Want to say yes to and what you need to say no to. My passion quest began with saying no to my business that was no longer fulfilling my heart. Remember that bringing new dreams and visions into your life often require creating space, something we'll be talking about later. Here's the essential question. You're asking yourself on your passion quest, who am I now? And what am I passionate about? The dreams you have in the 50s. And 60s, for example, may be very different than the ones you had in your 20s 30s or 40s. So a passion quest is an opportunity to meet yourself a new to discover who you are now, rather than assuming what you wanted before, is what you still want. It's a chance to open imagine, dream and create how you want the next phase of your life to be one of the critical skills to using a dream. Passion quest is what's known as a beginner's Mind or the curiosity of a child. Try to set aside all your ideas and beliefs and resist the temptation to jump to conclusions, or dismiss anything too quickly. As soon as you say I know for certain, it cuts off the energy of discovery. During the time you set aside for your quest, keep exploring with a new heart and a new mind. A passion quest is the perfect prescription for someone who's seeking to get in touch with their purpose or dreams. You can also use it to make specific life choices or decisions, like a career change or a major move. In these cases, however, you might want to set a specific time frame around your quest. On your passion quest. Let life lead you to end through the unknown, where amazing gifts and insights often await. Taking quality time for your heart and soul is an act of generosity. If you think it's selfish, This connected to your passion and dreams you will have more love, joy and energy to share with the people you love and care about most. 
What do you think ladies on that so far 
is beautiful 
is beautiful right? 
Number Three return to your wound. Sometimes we discussed in the chapter, the seed of your purpose can be found in your wound, or in the darkest period of your life. In fact, some of the most driven people I've ever met are those who have suffered the most. And they often claim that their suffering was the most important thing that had ever happened to them, because that's where they found out who they were and who they are. They have as I said, Ben to hell lived to tell about it transmuted into love and are here to teach about it. You might want to return to the sacred wound exercise in the previous chapter or you might have Want to take some time to think about your greatest struggles and trials? What did you learn about yourself during the difficult times? What made them meaningful to you, even if they were painful? Courtney Clemens found his purpose via a terrible, literal wound. As a young man he loves sports and wanted to be a part of the team. That's why he enlisted in the Army. After close to a year in Iraq, he was ready to come home to play softball. As a former US Army combat medic. He was near Baghdad when he came across a soldier who had been injured when a Humvee flipped over while he and the other medics transported the wounded man into a helicopter. A roadside bomb exploded, killing three. Courtney was lucky to be alive, but the explosion took his left leg from above the knee. The 26 year old should have been discharged and sent back home to Mississippi five days before they attacked but the Pentagon issued a stop loss order keeping him in Iraq, I had to lose my leg to find the real me. He said, I thought I had life figured out. But this was really hard. I had never experienced adversity. At the end of the day. It was just me and my amputation. I had to find out what kind of person I really was. While in rehabilitation in San Antonio, Courtney met john register a man who would change his life forever. john was a lover of track and field and ran on a prosthetic leg held the American record in long jump and won the silver medal in Sydney, Australia for Paralympics just inches shy of the gold. JOHN introduced me to the new way of thinking, when you lose a limb it's easy to think you've broken or useless. If you would have told me I was going to run again. I would have thought you were crazy. Now Courtney runs was specifically designed prosthetic sprinting leg that provides balance to speed he became the first Iraq war veteran to qualify for the US Paralympics. He became The National Champion in the all comers, 100 meter sprint, with a personal record of 15.61 seconds, Courtney's dream of being an athlete is still alive, but now is connected to a deeper purpose that he found when he lost his leg to prove that anything is possible. I talked to people about being patient and unbalanced. He says, life and my leg doesn't work if I'm not everybody has a unique purpose. And if you do what you're supposed to do, you'll get where you're supposed to go. I'm living proof that you can accomplish anything my dream, definitely to win the gold and be an example. He said, When I saw what was possible. I knew I could do it. That's who I want to be for others. 
that was powerful, right ladies? 
So powerful. I have to say that, that that remind, you know, like one of my biggest struggles was my bleed on my brain. And it really showed me who I was. and showed me that you know that I was unstoppable that no matter what anybody said, it didn't matter that I was the one in charge and I was the one that was either going to get up out of bed and learn how to walk that day or at least try. But you're not going to get there. Sitting in the bed wishing that you're lazy. 
Yes, it's great. It's 
a great insight. I didn't think I was ever gonna run either. And I did not do 
Wow. Yeah, that's awesome. Love that. Number four. Imagine your tombstone. When I do this exercise with my clients. I put on my best New York accent and pretend on calling them on the phone dangling, dangling. When they pick up the imaginary phone I say this is the new york Undertaker. It's the end of your life and we need to take care have one final detail what's going to go on your tombstone? The good news is, it's all paid for. The bad news is that there's not a lot of space, future generations of your family will come to see it. So it needs to serve as a reminder of who you are. And know it just can't say he was a great father, or she was a loving mother. You're much more than that it needs to speak to the essence of who you are. I then work with my clients to craft a simple sentence that they'd be proud to have inscribed on their tombstone. Here are some examples. She danced through life. He played full out, she found humor and everything. One of the funniest most potent headstones I ever saw was for a dog named trouble. And under the name were three words he wasn't any. Try this exercise for yourself. You don't have to do the accent, but think seriously How would you answer that call, try to write a short phrase that sums us up. This can be a powerful clue to your purpose. Number five, direct access. Remember, your purpose is not something outside of you. It already exists deep within you. It's connected to your essence. A final technique for getting in touch with your purpose is simply to ask a trusted source within yourself. That is what Tim Kelly founder CEO of the true purpose Institute calls direct access. Wayne Dyer in his book, your sacred self writes, inside of you there is a wise guide, a part of your true self that walks with you as you progress along the path of your sacred quest. As you develop this part of you, you are accessing a teacher that will always be there for you, that teacher is you. This is a more esoteric or spiritual approach so may not feel comfortable with You, but if you're someone who finds meditative or contemplated practices helpful, this might be an approach you'd like to try. I invite you today for the next few days to practice reconnecting with a profound part of yourself. I recommend that you slow down a bit, take a few extra breaths and listen for the quiet voice within yourself. Your intuitive voice that is definitely there and eager to be heard and trusted. The inner guidance and inner knowing will show up and it will be heard it will be trusted and it has many answers for you. It provides wonderful insights and can add tremendous confidence and ease in your life. One powerful technique for accessing your inner guide is to have a conversation with yourself. You might choose to relate that inner guidance as your heart, soul or God. If you feel comfortable with that, whatever you choose to call it, the technique for connecting with It is known as a voice dialogue work, you will actually give your heart or soul a voice and sit down to a chair. Have a real heart to heart with yourself. Ask yourself some simple yet direct questions and listen for and begin to write whatever answers your heart gives you. Some questions might be, why am I here? What is mine to do? How does my wound impact my destiny? What is necessary for me to accomplish in order to die fulfilled? in your notes, write down your question. Then listen for the answer and write it down in the form of a dialogue. I use my initial M for Marsha and G for God. Here is an example. 
Are you there God? Of course, I'm always here. What is mine to do? We Have great plans for you. Such as you've developed the capacity to believe in that which cannot be seen and is not obvious. Your tremendous faith is a gift to others. What do you mean God? What do I do with it? Your ability to act on what is unknown will help others do the same? Is that a career God? It speaks more to the essence of who you are. So it's not the purpose to believe. Absolutely. Your purpose is to believe which includes not only having great faith, but acting on it. But what do I do with it God? Use your life as an example to others to deepen their faith and act on what's important to them. Well, I have no idea how to do that. 
God, have faith and I will lead the way. 
Sometimes you might just get One word answers and other times a simple question will give rise to pages of insight. In this practice, your approach needs to be like that of an investigative reporter. You need to be really curious and not looking for a specific outcome. Allow the conversation to flow both the questions and the answers. Get to know your inner guide. Talk your heart out, feel what moves you and what touches you. Let your inner wisdom help you develop a trusting relationship with yourself. follow your intuition to your treasure and your truth. Boy, I love that statement. follow your intuition, to your treasure and your truth. Perhaps you will find that you connect better with that inner wisdom with new Earth in a beautiful place in nature. If you have a religious or spiritual path, there might be a place of worship that is meaningful for you the most powerful aspect of the practice comes when you actually do what the voices saying. Take the advice as its offering. The more you hear this voice and the more you act on it, the more you will develop this part of yourself. Once you begin to follow your intuition, stop and acknowledge that's what you did actually saved yourself. I listened, I acted and it worked. Then do it again. In developing this part of yourself, you're strengthening your manifesting muscles through trust. Speaking your purpose if one or more of these exercises has resonated with you should be starting to get a sense of your purpose. Perhaps you found a common thread of passion or meaning in the answers to several of the questions. The next step is to craft a statement of purpose using the language that affirms your passion. Again, don't feel you have to get it right all at once. Your purpose statement might involve you evolve and change as you work through it. When I first started to define my own purpose, I began by simply looking at what I enjoyed, I decided that I like to travel to talk. So I defined what my life's purpose is talking and traveling, but later I realized I was a dream maker. And over time that description was honed and sharpened, also broaden to make space for possibility. Initially, I use the above exercise, remembering passionate moments in my life to help me refine my purpose. One of the memories I chose was the day I won my eighth grade speech contest. I had such fun and creativity spoke about wanting to be the first woman astronaut. The common thread I saw on this and the other memories I chose was that I was happy. I was expressing freely myself so my purpose was to joyously self Express. Later, I saw that the was even more of a dream there was a deeper it was deeper for me. As I work through the voice dialog as shown above, I came upon my true purpose is to believe. Once you meet me, which I hope will happen soon, you will see instantly that believing is who I am. And it is a purpose that informs everything I do, including how I make a living. The more you work with your purpose, the more it will start to resonate as a unique definition of who you are, and what you're passionate about being. Eventually you'll create a way to speak about your purpose that really describes it for you. Taking a fresh page in your notebook, try completing the following sentence, my life purpose is use three memories of passion or one from one of the other exercises to help you try it right try writing the sentence in different ways so that when you think and speak about it you feel it's another Lying passion. Now rephrase your purpose to speak in an empowering way. Here's what I mean. If all three of your memories of passion were making a difference, and your tombstone message was she changed the life of everyone she met, your purpose statement might be to be of service. But perhaps when we read that statement, you don't feel passionate around it. Perhaps you're tired or overwhelmed and it feels like an added burden. Adding the word easily to the sentence might change your experience dramatically. When you say to easily be of service. Suddenly your passion is rekindled, and you feel that you can follow that purpose without burning yourself out. 
To find your passion, we looked at past memories. Now you also have the opportunity to look ahead, what qualities or objectives might lighten up your life and infuse you with more passion for many wording for adding a phrase like joy asleep Easily effortlessly can really make a difference in your passion statement. If you're wondering how simply adding a word to your purpose statement can change your life consider this. You're about to create dreams that are an expression of your purpose. From here you will design the plan to have what you want. The more passion you have at the beginning of the process, the easier will be to get what you want. Create a purpose statement that will be a solid foundation for you to build your dream. There are two things I'm recommending leaving out of the purpose statement. The first is the word others, for example, to inspire others simply say to inspire. I believe your purpose is a quality of being as opposed to doing which means it's something you can be anywhere even when you're alone. As soon as you put others in your purpose. Then you create a situation where any time you are alone simply taking a walk or being yourself you will be off purpose. Don't make your purpose dependent on others. The second thing I recommend omitting is money. If it's your purpose, then anytime you're doing volunteer work or playing with your kids, you will be off purpose. This doesn't mean you can't put money in your dreams. If you created a purpose statement to be paid well for having fun, making fun your purpose and then create a dream about being paid well. Since simpler and more pure, your purpose is easier it is to live it. Your purpose is who you are. While your many dreams are the expression of it and the way you manifest it in your life. It doesn't matter whether your purpose is single, focused or multi dimensional. Imagine using the zoom lens of your camera to capture your life's purpose in the most general way. Then play with the picture until it forms sound and it feels right to you. Here are some examples of people I worked with. For each one. You can see the three memories The common thread Their initial attempt and defining the purpose, and then their refined purpose statements. Notice how the final statements are empowering and more memorable. What do you guys think about this so far? you liking it? 
Does anybody have any comments or anything? 
I find it all to be just really, really uplifting and 
gives more. 
For each for each one, there's just like it just gives you more options. 
redefining what that means? I think 
I think 
I agree with him when he says, you know that you don't have to really search for your purpose because your purpose is already inside of you. It's just finding the right person or people or groups that will help you to know what the purpose is. is inside of you. And once you're able to find your purpose and know what your purpose is, then it does make, you know, it'll make a big difference in your life once you know what your purpose is, and that that's what anything regardless of what you're doing, you know, I think so many times we want to mana we're in such a rush to monetize everything that we forget the true purpose of why we actually started something. And when we lose sight of that, you know, you know, the monetization, it may be great, but the fulfillment is not there. I mean, you have a lot of people that make a lot of money. And that's great, but it's still not fulfilling and all they want to do is continue to make money because they feel that's the only way it's gonna keep them fulfilled. But the true fulfillment is your passion. What is it that makes Makes you that drives you to do what you're doing? And, you know, what is it that you're searching for? What are you seeking for at the end? Are you seeking for happiness just for yourself? Are you seeking happiness for others? And I think that is, you know, that is the question is what is the purpose? And once you realize what your purpose is, it does make a true difference. 
Totally agree. Does anybody have any comments on that? 
I think what struck me was when you said, Imagine your tombstone, I've heard a lot of motivational speeches before that said, you know, what do you want to do? How do you want to envision your life from the day you were born, till the day you die? It's the dash in between that you really need to work on and focus on getting better if it's not already. And I think about that often, and we were talking about purpose. That's the dash in between. That's your purpose. So I think Mike London said his purpose is really inside of all of us. It just takes sometimes that special person, maybe just that one person to really get it out of you to bring out what your purpose in cooling truly is. Great points. 
Great points. Anybody else have any comments? 
All right, ladies, we have just about 15 minutes left. There's just a little bit of more of reading and then I'll open it back up for discussion and we'll go from there. So her examples she gives is the guy's name is James memory of passion. So his three memories were receiving my Certified Public Accountant certificate, being promoted to a manager at work and buying a dream house was selling my old home Without a broker, the common thread was satisfaction, feeling valuable and surprising people. His initial purpose statement was to add value to everything I do revise purpose statement to make a difference by being different. Interesting. Example number two Michelle memories of her passion growing her business having a special relationship with a great person raising two fabulous children. The common thread was creativity connection inspiring others. Her initial purpose statement was to use my creativity to alter other people's lives. Revise purpose statement to inspire action. Well, I could really resonate with Allen resonate with that one to inspire action. JACK memories of passion making it to the US National racquetball team, becoming racquetball state champions striving for a professional career in racquetball. common thread, winning Fun stretching myself initial purpose statement to go for the gold revised purpose statement to have fun while being the best I can be. And then the final example is Marian memories of passion, having twin daughters experiences in the wilderness winning the Small Business Administration outstanding Business Award. So her common threads were unexpected adventure unpredictable. Her initial statement was to experience the adventure of people in life, her revised statement to live life as an adventure. Once you've created a purpose statement that feels powerful, start speaking it wherever you can. Use the language that incorporates your newly defined purpose into your speech will affirm your passion and move you towards having your dream. remind yourself of your purpose at different times during the day, particularly if you feel stuck or frustrated. For example, you may have a passion for learning and your purpose statement is to constantly be learning and growing, the next time you're stuck in a rush hour traffic, ask yourself what was my purpose again? Oh yeah, it's to constantly be learning and growing. It will inspire you to listen to an audio book or language course and feel good that you're doing something that matters to you. Here's one more analogy. When you know your purpose and can instantly recall it. It's like you're walking around with an electrical cord. Look for outlets to plug into so you can express your passion, your happiness and satisfaction is back in your hands where it belongs. Wow, that's a great analogy right? your passions with you and you're just looking for ways to plug it in. So awesome analogy. Some years ago, was speaking at a organization conference in Prague, I met a young man named Evan. He approached me after my speech, he told me he had inspired him so I asked him what his dream was, he said to retire at 40. He declined And I have a plan for exactly how to do that he struck me is unusually driven and an ambitious guy, and as a founder of a successful telecommunication company was clearly well on his way to live his dream. A few years later, he invited me to spend a whole day at his local chapter and facilitate two retreats. I got to know him. I sense that despite his success, by the time he had started and sold to companies, he was still unsure what he was really here to do. He had moved to California to launch a hedge fund. On the retreat. I got it each person to discover their purpose. using the techniques I've just been sharing, even shared his memory of pot or oven shared his memory of his passionate it quickly became clear. 
They all had something in common. I'm here to be a change maker, he realized and then left that retreat and quit the hedge fund now he has a new dream born out of his passion to change education by Bringing high speed broadband to every single public school classroom in America. After discovering that only 30% of the schools had adequate broadband. He founded a nonprofit called education superhighway to tackle the problem. As a result of Evans work, President Obama launched an initiative to improve broadband in schools, which he mentioned in his state of Union Address. I received an email from Evan one day with a link to the headline announcing the President's speech. This one too happened without you helping me to understand what my real purpose was, he wrote. Since then he has successfully secured billions of dollars in federal funding to support his initiative. Evan isn't dreaming about retirement anymore. Once I found my purpose, I didn't really have any interest in retiring he said, Today I work harder than ever than I've ever worked and I get paid nothing to do it and I've never been happier. Evan story is a beautiful example of what I call turning your life Right setup. A critical part of knowing your purpose is a passion that comes from its ultimate time management tool. First, when you're doing what you love, it often gets done faster. But even more importantly, you can use this process to realign your entire life. Rather than reacting and responding to life demands you can proactively create your life the way you want it to be. When I first started doing this work some years ago, I used to say every day I'm doing something I love. Now I say I'm always doing things I love. I'm always doing things I love. My office is devoid of files except for project files because projects come from my dreams which come in turn from my purpose. I'm living a life I love that is filled with passion. Wherever I have extra time, which I often do, I reach for one of my project files. I love working on them because I know that doing so puts me constantly an action of the purpose filled life I intentionally created for myself. Stay In your purpose, you naturally create dreams and projects that are aligned. And someday soon when you open your calendar, or scheduling device, all you will see are all the activities that are moving you forward on the dreams are truly the expression of your heart and soul through your purpose. Huh? 
Wow, that was intense. It was 
good. What are some of the I'll call them pineapple tidbits. What are some of the pineapple tidbits that you got out of today? 
I really liked the tombstone. 
I've heard it other way. You know, I've heard it like, the way that you started the quote. But then on the last part of the quote was the part that I'd never heard before. So I just thought that was pretty cool. And 
I took notes 
And and like for mine. So like reviews from my customers giving birth and paying off the bills. And what all of these all had in common was that was what was success. Okay? I mean, there's joy in all of it, but there's nothing I mean, like, it's joy that you were able to pay off a bill that you will come to money, but I truly believe that you, you were successful with that bill that needed to be paid off. you're successful in giving birth and, and carrying that child until it was ready. And the reviews the success in what you're doing, like, my goal, my passion, it's succeeding and getting out into the world and this is super awesome. So yeah, I got it. I got a lot from this. Returning to the wounds. I mean, the are good too. I mean, it shows you the things that you've grown from the things that you no longer look at maybe as a wound, but as far as and what did that scar tissue You know, it just it was very eye opening. I will get the name of the book from you 
get it? Yeah, that sounds great. Does anyone else have any faster on today's coffee chat? 
All right, ladies. Um, thank you all for being here. I'm going to stop the recordings here in just a few moments if you'd like to hang out afterwards and talk a little bit can. This is a million mile Blondie we've had an amazing virtual coffee chat session and today's topic was working within Marsha Peters book called dream. If you would be so kind to rate this virtual coffee chat. You can Go to rate this forward slash m. m b. I greatly appreciate it. Ladies Have a beautiful day. Like I said if you want to hang around and talk a little bit, I'll go ahead and stop the recording.