Nov. 26, 2020

My Gran's Secret Recipes

My Gran's Secret Recipes

My Gran, Beverly Woodard. The World Traveler 🌎 ♥. She loved to travel and she loved her family. I remember when I was a teenager seeing her working in this notebook.  She was so excited when she got a new typewritter! She was documenting and typing up the family recipes. At the time I didn't value it at all. I was busy being a typical teenager. Today is Thanksgiving and my Sister pulled out her "'Secret Book." She wanted to make Gran"s Pumpkin Pie 🥧.

I sat here remembering all of the great memories and good times we use to have during the Holidays. I was working at Fred Meyers at the time long hours as Christmas help and later an Assistant Manager. The holidays were so busy and I would be so exhausted coming home. I would be so excited to come home. As soon as I rounded the corner driving home I would see all the cars in the driveway.  I couldn't wait to get some good home cooking! I opened the door and Mom would have the house decorated so beautiful for the Holiday. As soon as I stepped into the door the smells of Pumpkin Pie, Zucchini Bread and Turkey would permeate the air. I came in with a HUGE smile on my face knowing the goodness of home! I would hear the rustling of pots and pans and dishes and Mom and Gran laughing and chatting away. My sister Julie usually would be setting the table or busy helping in some form or fashion. Dad would be busy fixing something and scambling around doing the Honey Do list to make the holiday so special. Moving chairs adding the Leaf changing light bulbs. 

I would get changed from work and usually be right in time to join the family at the table. Special times. Siting all together with a pleathra of scrumptious foods. How blessed that Mom, Dad, Gran and Sister made the holiday so magical! 

Today at age 54 I smile and remember the good times with Gran. We celebrated her life of 89 years several year ago, I miss her soo much!  

I'm so grateful to share these special memories and recipes with you.  Be blessed and hug your family and enjoy The Sercet Recipes of the past that live on in our hearts  and mind ❤