Oct. 21, 2020

Back in the saddle again!

Back in the saddle again!

Today was a big day. Back in April all of my Airbnb's were shut down due to Covid. I housed mostly Flight Attendants and all of us lost our jobs. I couldn't keep up the expensive rents and every thing came crashing down and I mean everything, even my health became a major issue.  

Fast forward to today. I have gotten control of my health, launched a new career as  life Coach called the Pineapple Queen. 

Started and partnered with Miss Bright Ideas on my Podcast, lauched a coaching platform, created my first Ebook becoming an International Author  and bam, I am back in the saddle again with opening up an Airbnb here in Dalton GA. Life is amazing

Here is a link to my very first Ebook!