July 13, 2021

An Opportunity to work with Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington? #crackingtherichcode #bookseries

An Opportunity to work with Jim Britt and Kevin Harrington? #crackingtherichcode #bookseries

Jim Britt and I met a few years ago when I saw him up on stage with thousands of people taking notes as fast as they possibly could!

In February God gave me a vision that I was to lead a movement about Self Love.
Jim Britt responded to that calling to unite last week and a new friend was aligned.

Jim shared about his latest project and I was hooked!

 I am so grateful to be working together with Mr. Britt on sharing his vision and passion project, Cracking The Rich Code with his partner, Kevin Harrington! Learn more about the project here http://RichCode.club/beacoauthor

Mention the code Pineapples to Jim when you connect with him personally here

Such a great opportunity to be seen and heard as a leader in your industry!

I really enjoyed having you on the show Jim Britt! I am excited for the connections and opportunities that lie ahead with this book!

I am honored to be apart of such an wonderful project to be able to feature Self Love just warms my heart!

To connect with the Pineapple Queen click here https://www.facebook.com/pineapplequeencoach

If you would like to be featured along with other amazing VIP Self Love Master Coaches please contact me for more details. 

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